Companies seeking to grow

There are significant changes that occur in the business environment which create the continual need for new types of business development. Anticipating these changes and planning action requires close cooperation with businesses. This means ongoing interaction and intensive discussions with companies. The strength of Prizztech Oy’s staff is in their wide-ranging knowledge of many different areas of business. Cooperation with businesses has led to Prizztech Oy’s reliability in its business-focused performance. With specialised business development services, businesses can respond to recognised development needs.

Topics for development are linked to improving a company’s e-business capabilities, expanding a company’s cooperation and innovation through knowledge transfer, anticipating changes in age demographics of a company’s staff, and improving subcontracting and partnership networks. Other development topics are promoting latent skills, anticipating changes in the labour force, improving interest in a business and its image, and taking the company onto the international marketplace. Based on past and present projects, it is possible to say that specialised business development services are a significant part of Prizztech Oy’s activities. This is evidenced by the hundreds of firms that have participated in projects so far and the development activities they have undertaken. Cooperative projects between companies have resulted in new businesses and new products and services.


Ari Eklund
Managing Director
Tel. +358 50 313 1252