The project aims at improving the digital capabilities of entrepreneurs and, consequently, develops their business and the company's productivity. The entrepreneur's own digital expertise as well as its utilization in your business is at the heart of the project. It is essential that the entrepreneurs themselves are active, innovated and motivated to develop productivity and increase the added value of products. Identification of digital tools and their own opportunities improves the well-being substantially.

Digitalization is a broad term, and this project will be focused to financial operations, sales and marketing communications. By focusing on these areas have already considerably improved the entrepreneur's know-how to take advantage of what they have learned about it and seek growth through business operations and improve their own well-being, as well as the crew. The organization has a group of experts of trade and services and the sole  entrepreneurs expert group (groups are composed of different local associations of elected officials / entrepreneurs), and they have received feedback from the field, as well as observing the self, that the part of the entrepreneurs is weak or avoid digital capability. Also the Federation of Finnish Enterprises has together with the various parties commissioned surveys, which have been asked about the use of digital services and digital capabilities of  entrepreneurs. Polls confirm the view that the support and information on the exploitation of digital skills is required. The target groups of the project are small and micro-entrepreneurs and other small businesses. The project is implemented in cooperation with Prizztech Oy.

The main result of the project is an instrument that survives digital capabilities and the needs of the entrepreneur and their captive well-being. Equipment can generate for instance reports that the implementation of updated operating model progresses, so that it is clearly observable development of the entrepreneur and the well-being accounted for. The project also provides that the initial mapping survey made tool for business advisors. The project is desired operating model, which takes into account the needs and level of knowledge entrepreneur, and to make the digital expertise closer to entrepreneurs.

The project will identify those companies based on the inventory of tasks who are looking to take advantage of digitalization in business. With these companies will be explained the situation and the level of knowledge with regard to digital solutions for current business. The result is to find gaps and further plans aimed at it through the narrowing linked to corporate strategy. This project arises for businesses advice for new tools perception of digital expertise and the company's digital strategy.

Digitalization is to this day and the future. Small and micro-entrepreneurs cannot afford to stay away from the development, as it will revolutionize the business. The faster and better the entrepreneur is ready to change and can even predict the future; it seems more stable future for the company. At worst, the skills gap can reduce productivity, the company's competitiveness and growth. Also, the entrepreneur's own coping and well-being are in great danger.

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