Magnet Technology Centre

The Magnet Technology Centre was founded in 2004 to gather and strengthen local expertise in magnet technology. We support the magnet industry both at local and national levels. One of our objectives is to inspire and train new expertise for this sector. We aim to be the leading national research laboratory in the field of magnet technology.

Our research is focused on 3 sectors:
1. Permanent magnets
2. Superconductors and superconducting magnets
3. Simulation and measurement services

Our activities include industrial research and research services, the organization of seminars on magnet technology, management of national research programmes and promotion of technology transfer between universities and industry.

Satakunta Centre of Expertise has carried out a magnet technology programme since 2001. The agreement to establish the Magnet Technology Centre was made in 2004. The founding partners were Satakuntaliitto and supporting companies: ABB Oy, Kone Oyj, Neorem Magnets Oy, Outokumpu Poricopper Oy and Philips Medical Systems MRT Finland Oy. The Magnet Technology Centre started its activities at the end of 2005.

Further information:

Senior Consultant
Timo Santa-Nokki
+358 44 710 5338