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Robotics is a multi-technical area, where Finnish high quality expertise in ICT, automation, electronics and mechanical engineering open up opportunities for growth in both existing industry and new innovations. Increasingly, the production unit efficiency, flexibility and, above all, the quality are the key facts for the decision-makers when they make decisions where the production capacity is purchased. High quality and flexibility requirements for the subcontractors require highly automated production. One of the most interesting phenomenon’s associated to robotization is reshoring. In the USA and the UK it has already been seen that those companies who are powerfully investing in robotics and automation of production are restoring their production back to the home country. Effectively using the automated production the quality of products has been able to risen very high and at the same time, unit costs drop so much that for example the logistics costs have begun to play a significant role in the overall cost of the product.

Robotics has strongly started to spread to the manufacturing industry and to many other sectors. Robots are increasingly being used for the benefit of for example automotive, health care (surgery, presence and care robots), elderly person’s service (assisted by robots), agriculture, finance (bots) and security. The robotization of the service sector is just starting, so it is important that the Satakunta robotics and automation companies have to wake up and companies will have their products ready for the market at the time when the service robotics operations are driven by strong growth in the coming years, as international trend studies have predicted.

In the Modern factory –project a platform ( will be built and piloted. The platform operates as a meeting place, a forum for cooperation and an incubator of ideas (robotics "Think Tank") for the region's industry, universities and automation business. The developed new functions will be Challenge Bank, Databank and Demo workshop. Development Platform aims to increase the use of intelligent automation solutions for both industrial and in the service sectors, and thus promote the creation of new user-driven product innovations in the robotics and automation companies.

The platform will be tested with the Demo workshop with pilot projects. Five interesting production challenges will be developed solutions in co-operation with the automation network of companies and universities in the region. The results will be key technology demos and / or feasibility studies. At least one of the selected challenges will be related to the service sector. As a result for the project a development platform and environment will be created. The platform enables productive companies (commercial and industrial) to examine and test those solutions which will create new possibilities to modernize and automate their production. These possibilities will also enhance the competitiveness, which in the long term, supports the survival of production industries in the Satakunta region. In addition to this, the development platform will help the region’s robotics and automation companies to reach more easily to industry and service sector’s and intelligent automation’s product business. Without their own robotics and intelligent automation product business, the companies’ international growth is unlikely, even if the global trend for the robotization will develop higher than estimated.

Modern factory is financed by Regional Council of Satakunta from European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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Mikko Puputti
Head of Robotics and Automation (Robocoast)
+358 44 710 5343


Mikko Puputti

Head of Robocoast

+358 44 710 5343

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