Peittoo Recycling Park

Pilots and Funding for Circular Economy  

The city of Pori and Prizztech Ltd are participating in the CIRCWASTE-FINLAND project coordinated by the Finnish Environment Institute and funded in large part by the EU LIFE programme

CIRCWASTE is a seven-year LIFE IP project that promotes efficient use of material flows, waste prevention and new waste and resource management concepts. All actions contribute to implementing the national waste management plan and directing Finland towards a circular economy. CIRCWASTE is a creation of 20 partners and 10 funding organisations

Prizztech Ltd is in charge of the action Peittoo Recycling Park. The action aims at developing the Peittoo area into one of Finland’s cutting-edge recycling parks with dynamic recycling and productisation of industrial waste materials. The target groups of the action are recycling and resource-effective companies as well as service providers for the network.

The vast Peittoo area (760 ha) is located outside the city centre of Pori but at a reasonable distance (23 km) from the centre, which makes it possible to use the area for large-scale testing, demonstrations and technology pilots. Concentrating environmental business in one area will create synergy benefits, and material and resource efficiency will be enhanced in a way that would not be possible if waste and material handling operations were divided into multiple areas scattered around the Pori region.

First pilots:

 1: Separation of NdFeB magnets from metal scrap
The pilot demonstrates how recycled magnets can be broken into magnet powder and used in the production of new magnets. In the tests, recycled magnets proved to have almost the same quality as original magnets. This gives a good basis for planning magnet recycling in large scale. Peittoo offers excellent surroundings for large scale handling and storaging of various recycling materials.

 2: Infrastructure application of foundry sand waste
In the pilot, test fields of foundry sand waste mixed with other construction materials like gravel and crushed stone were built in the Peittoo Recycling Park. The waste material used in the demonstration is the sand waste arising from Componenta Finland Oy foundry´s mould production process. The durability and the environmental acceptability of the material mixture will be tested and analysed from the viewpoint of legal requirements for infrastructure construction.

 3: Ash granules in road construction

Ash granules made by Ecolan are tested at a road construction site in Söörmarkku Pori. The purpose of the testing is to prove that natural aggregates can be replaced with recovered materials especially in construction of main roads. Peittoo Recycling Park was used as a temporary storage field for the material.

Industrial CIRCWASTE Challenge Satakunta is a concept created by Prizztech Ltd in order to boost utilization of industrial side streams in Satakunta region. With the challenges, Prizztech Ltd invites circular economy experts to innovative cooperation with local industry.

1. case: Honkajoki CIRCWASTE Challenge

Honkajoki Ltd launched a CIRCWASTE Challenge competition in collaboration with Prizztech Ltd to find innovative solutions for processing animal-derived fat. The competition was open for experts in the field of circular economy.

- We are satisfied with the results of the competition. In the proposals, the challenges were approached with a wide range of different methods. The best proposals had potential for cost-effective solutions, and we will proceed with developing them, says Managing Director Kari Valkosalo from Honkajoki Ltd.

The evaluation team of Honkajoki Ltd has decided that the providers of best proposals, i.e. RDI Unit of Centria University of Applied Sciences and HKScan Corporation will be invited for further negotiations.

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"Peittoo - recyclingpark" brochure


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