Recycling of NdFeB magnets

Objective of the project is to a process for recycling of NdFeB magnets and the rare earth metals they contain. In addition, companies collecting and recycling e-scrap will be charted in Finland, Scandinavia and Europe. Rare earth metals are key elements in many electric and electronic devices. They are mainly produced in China, where the mining and refining industry causes major environmental damages. Worldwide approximately 45000 tons of NdFeB magnets are scrapped annually. They contain about 15000 tons of Rare earth metals Nd, Pr, Tb and Dy, with a value of 1.6 to 2.0 Billion USD. Virtually all the magnets are melted together with steel scrap and the rare earth metals are lost in the slag. The amount of scrapped magnets is increasing and is estimated to double in the next ten years. In the project a process will be developed and tested in the laboratory scale to separate NdFeB magnet material from other metallic scrap. Moreover, usability of the recycled material will be tested.


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