Robocoast – Ningbo cooperation


Robocoast is a Digital Innovation Hub approved by the European Commission and a strategic partner of Ningbo, the pilot city of China’s national modernization program Made in China 2025. The transparent social innovation, designed and implemented jointly by NBCCD OY and Ningbo City, enabled development cooperation between Finland, Ningbo City and the Made in China 2025 program. Through Ningbo’s transparent social innovation’s Finnish counterpart, USF-Platform (Ulvila-Satakunta-Finland), Robocoast has the opportunity to combine European robotics and artificial intelligence expertise with China’s modernization projects. USF-Platform has described and agreed on Robocoast-Ningbo’s objectives, progress and the governance model, where Ningbo Haishu Oy, a development company founded by Ningbo City in Ulvila, has the opportunity to act freely and provide resources into robotics and the application of artificial intelligence, as well as development-related modernization and R&D projects in Europe. 

Summary: Robocoast combines European robotics and artificial intelligence expertise with major modernization projects in China’s industry as well as the public sector.



Mikko Puputti
Head of Robocoast
+358 44 7105343


Heikki Perko
Business Development Coordinator
+358 44 7105361