HYVÄKSI - Innovation Network on Welfare Technology

HYVÄKSI (Common Weal) – Innovation Network on Welfare Technology project focuses at enhancing quality of life of citizens in Satakunta region by developing user-friendly and easy-to-use technology that enhances well-being.

The welfare technology products and services developed in the project are targeted to facilitate and support the daily living of people with special needs, like older adults, people with memory disorders or impairments, people with learning disabilities, people with physical limitations, family carers and other relatives but also health care professionals. Welfare technology solutions can focus on enhancing physical, cognitive and social abilities of the users as well as facilitating nursing practice of health care professionals.

The user-driven product development of welfare technology enterprises is implemented in collaboration with organisations on social and health care sector. The project aims at establishing a regional innovation network on welfare technology over the project period.

The HYVÄKSI project is implemented by Prizztech Ltd and Satakunta University of Applied Sciences during 1.11.2014–31.5.2018. The project is funded by the Regional Council of Satakunta (ERDF), municipalities of Pori region (Pori, Ulvila, Harjavalta, Kokemäki, Merikarvia and Pomarkku) as well as Satakunta University of Applied Sciences.

Hyvaksi_Final_EN from Prizztech Oy on Vimeo.


For more information, please contact:

Project Manager Niina Holappa
Tel. +358 44 710 5455