Satakunta is a robocoast

Satakunta is home to one of Europe's most prominent business clusters in automation, IoT, robotics, and artificial intelligence, witnessing an average annual revenue growth of 15 percent. Prizztech Ltd coordinates this cluster, forming Robocoast, a dynamic ecosystem designed to meet the cluster's needs by fostering connections between its businesses and RoboAI. RoboAI represents a collaborative innovation platform for research and development, launched jointly by Satakunta University of Applied Sciences and the University of Tampere. Additionally, the gamification network Gamecoast is integrated within this hub.

Robocoast's primary mission is to bolster the growth of its associated businesses and enhance the international competitiveness of the region's industrial and service sectors. This is achieved through the proactive identification of development needs and the launch of targeted modernization and R&D projects. The outcomes of these initiatives range from the creation of innovative robot prototypes and artificial intelligence solutions to the enhancement of production lines and services for increased efficiency.

A vital component of Robocoast's strategy is the provision of living lab services, enabling industrial, service, and public sector organizations to trial new technological solutions within actual operational settings. This hands-on approach delivers invaluable insights that inform and support modernization investments.

Robocoast is recognized as a member of the Digital Innovation Hub Network (DIH) endorsed by the European Commission and participates in global cooperative endeavors through the USF Platform.

You can read more about Robocoast on their website.


Juha-Pekka Alanen

Project Manager

Pirita Ihamäki

Project Manager, Gamecoast Network Leader

Mikko Puputti

Director, Robocoast

Essi Vanha-Viitakoski

Project Manager, Talent HUB Robotics