OBO Route

The OBORoute is a joint project of three Leader local action groups: Leader Karhuseutu (Satakunta, Finland), Leader Action Group (LAG) Hiiumaa (Estonia) and LAG Puszcza Knyszyńska (Poland). Prizztech Ltd acts as the project promoter in the Karhuseutu region. The purpose of this collaborative project is to develop a new, common approach to respond to the growing demand for tourism services for Chinese tourists, and to simultaneously increase the operators’ level of understanding regarding commercialization. In addition, one of the project’s most important goals is to channel the expertise of micro companies into the development of Chinese countryside business endeavors, which would also deepen the collaboration between various operators.

The specialty of this project is the close collaboration with those strategic modernization programs that have been initiated by the Chinese public sector, and with the central government’s operators responsible for implementing them. This approach is completely unique in Finland.

Heikki Perko

Merja Lehtonen